Shower Cute Duck Spray Sprinkler Bath Toys

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This cute little duckling is so happy to be inside of its shell. It's time for bath!

Most parents teach their kids about shapes in the bath by giving them these cute little ducks that they can put on top of themselves. The kid then has an objective for floating around while learning more watched how water goes into its body and out at different points, which makes it easy enough even if you're not much Of A Reader!


Momisup recommended this because

‧ Creates fun for children while teaching them new skills

‧ Guaranteed to make bath time easier on you, the parent

‧ Promote imaginative play for your kids

‧ Strengthens bonding with parents during bath time


Material: ABS
Suitable for any age kids
Product Style: Little Yellow Duck, Little Pink Duck, Little Penguin, Red Dinosaur, Blue Dinosaur
Packing: color box or opp bag
Package includes: 1 baby bath toy.